The custom adoption paperwork adds specific information about the animal so you can automatically send a single file. You can change or add additional documents using the folder in your RescueDen Google Drive.


The base document is treated as a template, where anything between is replaced with the animal value. Valid examples include {{ .Name }} and {{ .ShelterCode }}. The template replacement is based upon Golang Html Templates. See Golang Html Templates for additional information on standard template functions (if, and, etc.). The following keys are supported.

  • ShelterCode
  • Id
  • ShelterId
  • Name
  • DisplayName
  • Microchipped
  • MicrochipImplantedBy
  • Microchip
  • OnShelter
  • Age
  • Breed
  • Color
  • Species
  • Sex
  • AdoptionFee
  • DateBroughtIn
  • DateOfBirth
  • EstimatedDOB
  • Neutered
  • NeuteredDate
  • NeuteredByVet
  • IsGoodWithCats
  • IsGoodWithDogs
  • IsGoodWithChildren
  • IsHouseTrained
  • HasSpecialNeeds
  • LastUpdateFromShelter
  • LastChangeInShelter
  • Bio
  • Flags
  • RabiesTag


Functions can be used for special format cases. Place function between {{ }}.

Function Info
heShe . Used to place either he or she into the document.
himHer . Used to place either him or her into the document.
hisHer . Used to place either his or her into the document.
hisHers . Used to place either his or hers into the document.
formatDate .Date Any date can be formated using this function.
yesNo .Boolean Format any boolean as yes or no
picture 200 . Insert the animal picture with the specified width
pageBreak Force a page break at this location


You can add specific metadata to documents that are used by the document generator outside of the document.

Metadata Info
emailTemplateId When the document is selected, the referenced document is used for email body.
emailSubject When the document is selected, the provided text is used an email subject.

The metadata must be provided in json format and in the document’s description field.

	"emailSubject":"{{.DisplayName}}'s Adoption"