These are some issues and solutions that may resulting in user issues including

  • Not having access to the full site
    • Applicants should have access to courses
    • Dog Fosterer, Cat Fosterers, and Volunteers should have full site access.
  • User information not updating

In-correct tags

If using ASM, all users must be tagged with the correct tags in order to view the site.

User Type Tags
Dog Fosterer Applicant “Dog Fosterer Applicant”
Cat Fosterer Applicant “Cat Fosterer Applicant”
Volunteer Applicant “Volunteer Applicant”
Dog Fosterer “Dog Fosterer” and “Fosterer”
Cat Fosterer “Cat Fosterer” and “Fosterer”
Volunteer “Volunteer”

Mismatched Emails

The email in shelter manager software (used on the application) must matched the one used to sign-up for the den. You can add additional emails to them by separating them with commas.

Incorrectly Entered Emails

Multiple emails must be entered into shelter manager using only commas to separate them.,

Multiple users sharing the same email.

Each email used on the den must be associated with only a single user in the shelter manager software.